3 Eye-Catching Product Photography Angles

May 4, 2022 | Photography | 4 comments

Looking to up your product photography game? Try these 3 angles during your next shoot!

When it comes to product photography, you want the product to be the main focus. I’ve got 3 different angles you can try during your next photo shoot to make the most of your subject, whatever it may be!

Angle 1 – Straight On

Let’s start with the easiest angle – straight on.

Photographer with camera taking picture of plant on table straight on camera angle, Jennifer Baker Creative

The camera is looking straight at the subject and is just about in line with – not above or below.

This angle is great for products where the important aspects of it are on the front. Perhaps it’s a label, a pattern or text (like the cover of a book). Here are examples of product images I’ve taken for Miss Mustard Seed’s® Milk Paint where it was important to get a straight-on shot.

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Grip Bonding Agent, Jennifer Baker Creative

We wanted to showcase the adorable new jug that MilkGrip™ came in, as well as the new branding, so a straight-on shot was perfect!

This one met the same goal, but we also wanted the viewer to get a sense of what was inside the MilkWax™ jar. So, a simple spoon with a scoop of wax did just the trick. (Plus, don’t you love the reflection in the surface?!)

miss mustard seed's milk wax clear Jennifer Baker Creative

Angle 2 – 45 Degrees

The next angle is quite honestly the trickiest for me to nail. Truth be told, I have to fiddle and fuss until I get a good shot at a 45 degree angle.

This is where the camera is half-way in between a flat lay and a straight-on shot.

Camera shooting 45 degrees onto a plant on a table, Jennifer Baker Creative

This is a great angle if the important aspect of the product is partially on the top and the front. It’s also great if you want to show what’s inside of a bottle, jar or bowl while still maintaining a bit of the container itself.

Here are some examples of 45 degree shots from MMSMP:

This one was fun because I wanted people to see the golden beauty of MilkOil™ in a bowl along with all of the items it could be used to treat. Take a look at the cover of that book – MilkOil™ brought the bottom half back to live instantly!

miss mustard seeds hemp oil Jennifer Baker Creative

This shot shows the gorgeous gray color of Grime Gray MilkWax™. You get to appreciate the texture on the spreader AND in the jar at the same time. Plus, the label is still visible so the viewer knows what the product is.

miss mustard seed's grime gray wax Jennifer Baker Creative

Angle 3 – Flat Lay

Flat lays are the most fun to shoot, in my opinion! I opt for this layout the most often because it’s easy and it makes the most of the paint products that I photograph. MilkPaint™ has amazing texture and looks beautiful in liquid form, so a top-down angle works quite well.

Here is my setup that I use most of the time when I do a flat lay or top-down angle:

I have some sort of table and a background (be it a Replica Surface or a piece of tile) plus my tripod that can be boomed out horizontally over my surface. A sand bag helps counterbalance the boom arm when it’s fully extended. This way, your camera won’t topple over onto your subject (which, in this case, would be paint…NOT GOOD)!

Here are a few flat lays to give you an idea of what it looks like (although you’re probably really familiar with these already):

Flat lays are great for groupings, setting a scene or for products that are visually interesting from the top, like this water hyacinth mat.

Miss mustard seeds hemp oil Jennifer Baker Creative

Which angle do you want to try during your next photo shoot? Remember, you can also do this with a smartphone camera! You don’t need a DSLR to get quality images like these. There are tripods specifically designed for cell phones and mounts that can attach to the top of one you may already have.

Now go practice and see which one is your favorite!

3 eye catching product photography angles, Jennifer Baker Creative

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