Antique Sewing Table

Aug 15, 2019 | Antiques | 2 comments

an antique sewing table gets a quick makeover

This antique sewing table didn’t need much work when it came into my workshop.

Antique sewing table

It was in great shape and was clean all the way through. It didn’t have any cobwebs or dust bunnies hiding in the crevices. All it needed was a piece of glass for the top to make it a functional table.

adding a piece of glass to the top

To make this sewing table functional again, I needed to figure out what to do with the top of it. It came with a cover for the sewing machine, but the machine itself was long gone. All that was left was a big hole where the machine would have been.

Glass top on antique sewing table

The easiest way to fix that problem was to have a piece of tempered glass cut to size to lay over the hole.

In addition to adding the glass, I removed some remaining hardware under the table that housed the sewing machine. This made things much cleaner inside.

Extra table surface

There are two aspects of this little sewing table that are my favorite. One is the extra table surface that is folded down on the side. You can see it off to the left in this photo.

Antique sewing table

There’s a metal lever under the top that pulls out, providing support for this little table leaf.

Latch for leaf extension on antique sewing table

Simply push that little guy out and voila!

Leaf extension on antique sewing table

The lever provides support from underneath.

Latch for leaf extension on antique sewing table

THe design on the drawers

My other favorite aspect of this little table is the design on the drawers.

Antique sewing table drawers

Cute as a button, don’t you think? The intricate carvings are incredible!

The original maker is stamped on the cast iron base too.

Wheeler & Wilson label on antique sewing table base

I’m often asked how I maintain self-control and don’t keep all of my pieces that I work on. In all honesty, this sewing table is a piece that I wish we would keep in our home. The fact of the matter is that our in-law suite isn’t that big and we simply don’t have the wall space. There is literally no place to put it. I’m sure I’ll come across another one in my travels when we have a larger home, so I’m okay letting it move on in life.

Side view of antique sewing table

If you love this piece as much as I do, you can find it in my room at Homestead Studios in Parkesburg, PA. If you’d like information on shipping, contact me and I’ll get you a quote!

Antique sewing table

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