Blue Moon Baker’s Table

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An antique baker’s table in general finishes blue moon milk paint

Baker’s tables are absolutely gorgeous, in my opinion. They usually have large drawers on the bottom that bow out considerably. These are called “possum bellied” drawers. I’m not sure why. I didn’t think possums had stomachs that large, but I digress.

I picked up a lovely possum-bellied baker’s table from one of the dealers at Morgantown Market and gave it a makeover using one of General Finishes new Milk Paint colors – Blue Moon.

General finishes blue moon milk paint

A few weeks ago, General Finishes launched brand new Milk Paint colors. One of them is a soft, serene teal tone that lends itself to the evening sky. This beautifully saturated blue is quiet but still noticeably lovely. It’s called Blue Moon.

This color covers incredibly well and looks lovely when topped with Glaze Effects. I opted to top mine with some Pitch Black.

The reveal

I’m over the Blue Moon for this baker’s table redo!

Horizontal view of baker's table

The vibrancy of Blue Moon is so eye-catching and it was absolutely the right color choice for this antique piece.

Side view of baker's table

When this piece came to me, it had that traditional reddish/brown stain color you typically see on old antique furniture. This piece is made of pine, and that species of wood tends to develop that color over time. Blue Moon by General Finishes covered that dated finish like a boss.

Corner of baker's table

One of my favorite aspects of using General Finishes Milk Paint is that it covers well but it doesn’t cover over original character. You can still see the nicks and dings on this baker’s table from over the years. The Milk Paint didn’t fill in any of that charm, which I love!

The handles are original and received a treatment of Rub N Buff metallic wax. Now they stand out and can be appreciated for their beauty.

Baker's table front

I didn’t sand down the rings around the handles. Those are from where they have spun over the years. That’s the charm I wanted to maintain.

Handle of Baker's Table in Rub N Buff

The top was gorgeous, save for that reddish brown finish. I stripped off what I could and then sanded down the rest.

Lined drawers of baker's table

I didn’t want to sand the top down too hard though because I didn’t want to lose any of the fabulous character. I think I got just the right amount of smoothness and character. To protect the pine, I sealed the top with two coats of High Performance Topcoat in Semi-Gloss. Using such a high level of shine increases durability.

Top of Baker's Table
Front view of baker's table

This piece will be making its way to Homestead Studios a little later on today. It measures 3 feet 6 inches long, 30 inches tall and 25 inches deep.

I’m so happy to have had the chance to give it a fresh facelift using one of General Finishes fabulous new Milk Paint colors!

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