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Aug 26, 2022 | Stop Motion, Videography | 0 comments

One of my friends from church (Katelyn) is a fashion stylist. We recently got together to do some stop motion work for her business that focused on her fashion services. She does closet edits, closet organizing, personal shopping and more!

Together, we came up with 2 adorable stop motion videos that showcased her many, many talents.

Fashion Closet Organizing Stop Motion

First, we wanted to show how Katelyn can help you organize your closet and get rid of clothing that you don’t need or use anymore.

We started by styling a closet in her spare bedroom with brightly colored tops, pants, skirts, shoes and purses. Then, one picture at a time, we made it come to life!

I’ve never done a stop motion with this much activity before, so it was really fun to go through the process. It took a lot of planning and thinking through before we nailed the sequence.

Outfit Styling Stop Motion

In addition to organizing and editing closets, Katelyn also is a fashion stylist. She puts outfits together that compliment your personal tastes, body type and needs.

We thought it would be fun to style one dress in two different ways. One outfit was with black accessories, and the other had a 1960’s vibe to it with white boots and a clear umbrella.

This video gave me the chance to make ripples going down the sleeves and to play with the ties around the waist. We wanted to sort of “acknowledge” the dress before we brought in the accessories.

It’s a real blessing to have such talented friends in my life. Now, I have some fashion content under my belt, and Katelyn and I are ready to book another session to shoot some flat lays! I’ve got lots of ideas already swirling around in my head and I can’t wait to bring them to life!

Welcome to my happy place!
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