Virtual Consultations

Need help with a project? Have a specific question? Sometimes a 1 or 2 sentence answer just doesn’t cut it! Book a virtual consultation with me and get 1 on 1 help in real-time with your painting projects, upholstery questions, or business queries. Seeing a face and talking to a real person is so much more fun than an email, don’t you think?

You’re always willing to answer every question thoroughly and promptly that I’ve had. You talked me through my first large piece (more than once, LOL)!


Book a consultation with me to connect and discuss anything you’d wish!  Please complete the below form.  I will reach out directly to you after I review it.

Do you prefer a phone call or a Skype video call?

What can I help with?

How long would you like the call to last?

How do you prefer I send the invoice?

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