Spring Barn Market Guide

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The Spring Barn Market hosted by Pheasant Run Antiques and Homestead Studios is only a few days away, and I wanted to take some time to give those folks who are attending the lay of the land.

First, the market will be held at Pheasant Run Antiques.  The address to plug into your GPS is 4824 Lincoln Highway, Parkesburg, PA 19365.  It’s just down from the intersection of Routes 10 and 30 and is roughly 20 minutes away from Morgantown, 15 minutes from Downingtown, 40 minutes away from Lancaster, 50 minutes from Newark Delaware and 45 minutes due south of Reading.

Basically, if you live within an hour of Parkesburg, you should come! 

The Spring Barn Market’s hours are 10AM to 5PM.  I’ll be setting up bright and early at 7AM, and you can peek at my setup below.  Sunday was gorgeous here in PA, so Marc and I taped off a 10 x 20 box in the driveway and staged my booth so I could figure out where I wanted everything.

Plus, I’ve never done an outdoor market before where I’ve been in charge of my own tent, so it was difficult for me to envision how much stuff I would need to fill my space.  I’m definitely coming with oodles of furniture and if the weather is nice and sunny, I’ll be bringing a few extra BIG goodies you guys haven’t seen yet!

When you arrive at Pheasant Run Antiques, the main entrance will be closed so you’ll be redirected to park around back.  Here’s the diagram showing you where to go.

Essentially, you’ll pass the normal entrance near the barn and take your first left after you pass the barn off of Rt. 30.  There will be flags showing you where to go, so don’t stress :)

I’ll be located just outside of the entrance to the Pheasant Run barn.  You can see me in the bottom left corner of this diagram:

I’ll be snuggled up next to Salvage Splendor and Pappy’s Repurposers.

There will be a food truck on site if you get hungry and there are lots of vendors inside and outside.  The Farm at Oxford will be there too, so if you’re a lover of farm fresh local flowers, then you’ll feel right at home!

The event is rain or shine, BUT if there is expected to be torrential downpours and steady rain all day long, then I can’t come.  My furniture will get ruined in the rain, so join me in praying for sun!  Right now, the 10 day forecast is calling for partly cloudy skies and a high of 59 degrees with a 20% chance of rain.  Let’s hope that system blows away faster, eh?

I’ll be doing a MMS Milk Paint Demonstration at 1:00 PM in my tent, so if you’d like to see this fabulous product in action and talk “all things Milk Paint”, come join me!  My project will be for sale once I’m finished.  I haven’t quite decided what I’ll be painting, but it’s going to be adorable.

I’ll be bringing my stash of MMSMP with me too, so if you want to stock up, you’re in luck.  I also have Aviary on hand if you’d like to experience the new color

There will be some help on site to aide with getting furniture to your vehicles, but I would ask that you plan ahead.  Ask me for measurements or search on my blog/Instagram page for measurements for pieces you’re eyeing up.  PLEASE bring an appropriate vehicle for transporting furniture.  Trust me – my empire dresser is not going to fit into your 2 door sports car.

Bring a friend with a truck or a van and buy them lunch if you need to, but please don’t make my poor husband try to smush large pieces into a tiny car.  We will have a furniture hand truck available to help you wheel your finds out to your vehicle as well as a furniture dolly and some plastic wrap to protect your goodies on the way home.  I’ll also have a tape measure on hand but I strongly recommend getting measurements ahead of time of the pieces you want and the size of your trunk/back seat.

Delivery will be available for a fee.  We can discuss the particulars at the event if you’d like to take advantage of that service.  I’ll also be accepting cash and credit cards as payment and a 6% PA sales tax will be added to all sales.

I’m bringing items ranging from $3 all the way up to $300+.  If you don’t have much to spend, you can still take something special home.  There’s LOTS of ironstone, old bottles, dried lavender, olive baskets, signs, cow art, wreaths, German scrub brushes, antique finds, linens and of course, furniture!

I have a mix of emotions at the moment.  I’m so proud of the space I’ve put together and I truly love the furniture pieces I’ve created over the past months for this event.  This is also my first outdoor market, and I’m not sure what to expect, so that has me curious and a bit nervous.  This week will be spent taking care of last minute preparations.  Marshmallow got a bath today so he’ll be looking fine and fancy free.  Marc and I are picking up extra chairs and a table from Mom Baker so my parents can have a seat under the tent while they’re working.  I’ll be bringing a few things from my booth at Morgantown Market and I need to grab my paint stash, so that will happen one day.  Mom and I also need to bubble wrap all of the ironstone and tuck it away so Marc and I can pack the truck on Friday.  All in all, plans are well underway and my organized teaching background has served me well in preparing for this event.  Hopefully I won’t forget anything and it will all run smoothly!

If you have any questions, shoot me an email and I’ll sort you out.  Otherwise, see everyone on Saturday, April 28th!

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