Bespoke Victorian Parlor Table

May 13, 2018 | Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint, Tough Coat | 0 comments

This Victorian parlor table came to me with a very worn finish and two wobbly legs.

When I was deciding on what color to paint it, my Mom suggested a mixture of equal parts Miss Mustard Seed’s Bergere and Grain Sack.  I have used this blend on a few projects, including this baby Jacobean buffet, and it’s a really beautiful mix.

The color is lighter than Aviary and even though it has Bergere in it, the Grain Sack gives it a lovely faded gray touch.

My Mom painted this little table for me because I’m in the middle of working on commissioned pieces.  After one coat, I could already tell that I was going to absolutely love it, and she picked the perfect color.  She painted two coats of the bespoke MMS Milk Paint color on and sanded it smooth with 400 grit.  I came in with a more aggressive grit and distressed the edges and the details.  Mom followed up with the vacuum to suck up all of the dust and then she applied a layer of Tough Coat.  I used my nail gun to secure the two wobbly legs, and now the table is sturdy and solid once more.

This little table has so much character to it.  Victorian style furniture is ornate by design, and you can see lots of those elements on this piece.

The apron of the table has a sweet scalloped shape to it along with four rounded finials in each corner.

The legs are curvy and we got some lovely chipping in some spots.

The top has a lovely worn quality to it that gives this piece the feeling that it’s still old despite its fresh new paint finish

This little table made its way to Morgantown Market this afternoon, along with a few leftover pieces from my market at the end of April.

My pair of vintage nightstands sold on Saturday, so I needed to bring in some new fresh pieces to spruce the booth!

I brought my round oak table home, but it’s still available if you had your eye on it!

This little table is now nestled perfectly up against my Victorian settee in my booth.  Come give it a visit!  Morgantown Market is open weekdays from 10-6 and 10-5 on the weekends.


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