Buffets are such great pieces to remake! They’re incredibly functional and offer lots of storage. They can serve as changing tables, TV stands, dining room storage or you can transform them into bathroom vanities by dropping sinks into the top.

Buffets are also pretty heavy and very long, taking up a lot of room in your work space.

So when you find tiny versions of buffets, it’s the best of both worlds – storage in a manageable size! These smaller versions are called “baby” buffets and I found a great one on my local Facebook Marketplace a few weeks ago.

It had the great Jacobean lines that I love and the price was fabulous for a flip. Mom and I drove out to pick it up one night, and the minute I saw it, I was SO glad I bought it!

The inside of my smelled a bit like mildew, so I gave it a scrub down with some 409 cleaner and opened it up to let it air out. I even washed the back to help with the odor.

When it came to picking a color, I wanted something happy. It was a medium brown stain already, so I wanted to liven it up and give it a more cheerful look.

So, I opted for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in the color Eulalie’s Sky.

This gorgeous aqua color was inspired and named after a painting of a cow named Eulalie.

I’ve used this color on a few projects in the past.

There was this empire jelly cupboard.

This cute little sewing table turned jewelry table.

This cute metal beverage cart.

And this side table on wheels

My baby buffet wore Eulalie’s Sky equally well.

The piece was scuffed prior to painting, but that’s all the prep work I did to the piece. I let milk paint do its thing – chip here and there where it wanted – and it turned out beautifully!

The door on the front had a super chippy patch in the upper right corner.

The decorative work on the bottom chipped beautifully as well.

The legs are my favorite!

To seal all of this chippy goodness in, I used Tough Coat.

This matte sealer is ideal for locking down chipping paint and providing extra durability on surfaces that will get heavy use.

The top had water damage and blistering when I got it, so I stripped the old finish off and refinished it with General Finishes Walnut Water Based Wood Stain.

It was sealed with several coats of High Performance Topcoat in Satin and I really like how the medium brown stain color plays with the blue of Eulalie’s Sky. 

And because Eulalie’s Sky was inspired by a cow painting, it’s only fitting that I used one in my staging!

Welcome to my happy place!
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