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Nov 28, 2017 | Tough Coat | 0 comments

It’s hard for me to make it out of an antique store without at least looking at the furniture.  If I spy a good deal, it’s a bonus!  Such was the case with my latest trip around Morgantown Market.  It was a few days before Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend.  I wanted to see all of the beautiful goodies that my fellow vendors brought in to their spaces.  My trip started down the center aisle and I spied an adorable side table tucked away in the corner of a booth.  I leaned in to inspect and not only did it have amazing details and a “gatored” finish, it was priced like a T-bone steak.  (Well, the price looked like a T-bone steak to someone like me!)  Within a few minutes, I had it pulled out and to my delight, it had adorable rounded feet that I hadn’t noticed before.  The table had some damage to the top and the shelf underneath, but it would be easy to fix.

After some tinkering and painting in the workshop, the table was looking clean and fresh in Miss Mustard Seed’s Farmhouse White.

The gatored finish is still there and the Milk Paint didn’t cover it up at all.  This is one of my favorite aspects of using this type of paint over any other.  It gives me fabulous color without covering up the gorgeous wood grain or any of the natural character.

All of those little bumps are the gatored finish and I think they are instant “age”.  Can you see what I meant when I said that I get color while preserving character?

Speaking of character and charm, just look at the shape of this table!  You truly couldn’t appreciate its shape until it was lightened up with Farmhouse White.

I decided to use Tough Coat to seal this piece as opposed to Hemp Oil or Furniture Wax.  I thought that Tough Coat would add a nice durable finish to hold up to high-traffic use.  I also wanted to seal in the textured surface and any potential chipping paint as well.

This knob actually isn’t original.  I had 8 of them left over from a previous project, and they added the charm I was looking for.  The knob the table came with was boring and ho-hum.  I think this salvaged knob was meant to adorn this drawer!

Here are those crazy adorable round feet I mentioned earlier:

This table is the perfect height to act as a nightstand or a side table next to a sofa.

The drawer is perfect for storing little knick-nacks.  I found a sweet little surprise on the underside while I was cleaning it out too!  The original owner wrote a message stating who gave it to her and that it was a wedding gift.  Unfortunately, the only words I could make out were “Aunt” and “wedding present”.  It’s really hard to see, difficult to read, and even more impossible to photograph.  Just trust me…it’s there.

This sweet little piece is now available at Morgantown Market for $68 if you’re in the market for a new table.  It’s white, adorable, old, and will add the right amount of charm to your home!

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