Ironstone and Flow Blue Antique Haul

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About two weeks ago, I went to a new auction location for the first time.  It was recommended by fellow furniture friends and it was definitely worth it.  I totally hit the Flow Blue and ironstone jackpot!  All of the magic happened at the boxed lot tables.  Basically, there were rows and rows of folding tables stocked with smalls – pitchers, plates, books, frames, ball jars, etc.  It was an interesting experience for sure.  Everyone gathers around and the auctioneer starts bidding and throwing out low numbers like $20, $15, $10, etc.  Once he hits a price you want, you raise your hand and if you “win” the bid, you get to pick anything off of the table for the price you “won”.  So for example, if you “win” the bid at $5, you can pick as many things off the table as you want for $5 each.  If someone else wants your item, you both enter into a bid between the two of you for that item.

If you’re not following me, I totally get it.  It took me a few rounds to understand how it worked but once I did, I scored a few gorgeous pieces of ironstone and Flow Blue china.

What follows are lots of pictures of earthenware and pretty china.
Try to control yourself.

This ironstone pitcher was the first piece I picked up.  The shape and curves drew me in immediately.

The handle has a delicate curve to it and I really like the rope detail around the bottom and top lip.  This would make a great pitcher for pouring water when I’m photographing mixing Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.

The hallmark on the bottom is huge!

I also got this pretty platter.  This would look stunning in a plate wall collection.

The soft curves of the sides would make a pretty statement on a wall for sure!  The hallmark on this one was relatively clear.

I can’t wait until February when I can expand my space at Morgantown Market.  I have every intention of creating a few plate vignettes to display my ironstone platters and plates.  I was inspired by Marian Parsons of Miss Mustard Seed.  Here are some photos from her home.

Can’t you picture a pretty plate scene over a buffet in your dining room?  Or maybe a nice triangle or diamond above your TV?  Oh the possibilities!  I’ll post a tutorial on how to get them up on the wall later on in February. 

Next, I saw these pretty ironstone plates with a blue flower pattern.

The underside had this hallmark and stamp.

The rest of the pieces I bought were Flow Blue china.  I seriously couldn’t believe my luck!  There were two tea cups and saucers with the prettiest flower pattern.

I just love that little flourish at the tip of the handle.  It’s almost like the teacup has its pinky up in the air!

The hallmark is blurry, but I don’t mind if it has bled over time.  If anything, it lets me know it’s old and loved.

I did snag an oddball teacup that didn’t have a saucer to go with it.  It has a beautiful scene painted on it complete with a minstrel playing a mandolin!

Here’s the stamp on that one.

This little bowl caught my eye too.  Not only does it have the blue pattern along the edge, but it has a white detail overtop.

The hallmark for this one was stamped on the side.

My favorite piece of my haul is this little plate.  There’s something about the vibrance of the blue and the pattern itself that drew me in.

Isn’t it stunning?

How pretty are these details?

These pieces will be heading to my booth at Morgantown Market soon.  Well, all of them except the pitcher!  I’ll probably keep that for my pretty mixing shots.  Speaking of Morgantown Market, keep an eye out on my social media in the beginning of February.  Like I mentioned earlier, my booth will be expanding and I’ll be bringing in more furniture pieces, ironstone, antique linens, smalls, and hopefully something else that’s very special!

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