Metal Desk Makeover

Apr 10, 2017 | Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint | 0 comments

I found this desk at one of my local antique shops.  I had been eyeing it up for a little bit and I finally pulled the trigger.

Much to my delight, I picked it up and it wasn’t made of wood.

It was metal!

Not only was it metal, but it was ridiculously solid and heavy.

I enjoy working on metal pieces just as much as wooden ones.  This desk was actually labeled as a hospital desk.  I’m not sure how old it is, but it has a 1950’s or 1960’s feel to it.  It’s slightly taller than normal desks and I thought it would be nice to use in an entranceway or by your front door.  It’s always nice to have a landing spot where you can dump everything when you come home.

When it came to colors, I was torn between Layla’s Mint and Kitchen Scale.  I wanted a nice pop of color, so I decided to go with Kitchen Scale.

Here is the real kitchen scale that served as the inspiration for this rich team color.

I made sure to mix my batch of Kitchen Scale with Bonding Agent.  I wasn’t sure how MMS Milk Paint would adhere to my desk so I add just about equal parts Bonding Agent to mixed Milk Paint.  I used a heaping quarter cup of Milk Paint and it was the perfect amount.

After just one coat, things were looking better already!

The desk wound up needing two coats total plus some touch up areas, and the heaping quarter cup was just the right amount.

It looks a million times better than when it first arrived.

I staged this desk to be used as a landing zone.  An ironstone letter holder and an open journal ready for a shopping list were just the right pieces to give this desk a “working” feel.

I finished the Kitchen Scale with a layer of Hemp Oil, which deepened it perfectly.  The glass knobs still let you see the gorgeous color without drawing too much attention.

I’m so glad that I picked up this piece and gave it a new look.

Kitchen Scale is the perfect choice if you’re looking pop of color in your home.  I highly recommend giving it a try!  Shop for this color, Hemp Oil, and any other MMS Milk Paint products in my booth downstairs at Morgantown Market.

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