MMS Milk Painted Window Workshop

Feb 25, 2018 | Hemp Oil, Tough Coat | 0 comments

On Saturday, five lovely women joined me at Morgantown Market and created beautiful MMS Milk Painted windows for their homes.

We began the workshop by “shopping” for Milk Paint and talking about the look each woman wanted to achieve on her window.  Everyone chose a different color from the MMSMP line, which was wonderful!

The sample sticks gave each participant an idea of what the colors looked like with all of the beautiful finishes.

Each woman picked a different color, which was the best possible outcome.  Having everyone work with a different color allows participants to see how they paint up and how each color can mix slightly different.

When we got back to the workshop after “shopping” for paint, we discussed the mixing process.

We learned how to get the perfect consistency and how to correct a thick or thin paint mix.

While the MMS Milk Paint rested, the ladies popped the plexiglass pane out of the back to make the window easier to paint.

Once the paint was ready, the room grew quiet with the sound of brushstrokes as the ladies began the transforming process.

Everyone’s colors brushed on beautifully and it was so much fun to watch the windows take shape.

As the ladies painted on their coats, we talked about where everyone was from, if any of them had previous experience with MMS Milk Paint, and how they came to follow the paint line, my business, and Morgantown Market on social media.  Two of the ladies came from almost an hour away!  It’s so touching it is when I hear stories like that.  To think that someone would get in the car and purposefully drive that far to take a workshop with me is not something that I take for granted.  It truly means the world and it’s a humbling experience.

There was plenty of laughter as we worked, mostly on my end.  These ladies were a riot!

While we worked on raw wood surfaces, I had an old wooden toolbox that was painted in Shutter Gray.  I used it to show how MMS Milk Paint can randomly chip on pre-finished surfaces.

Workshops give me the chance to brain dump all I know about MMS Milk Paint products.  Sometimes, it’s hard to stop!

As the painting finished up, we discussed all of the topcoats in the MMS Milk Paint collection.  Every topcoat was used so everyone could see how they are applied and watch them in action.

Hemp Oil was applied over Artissimo.

It was a great example to show how darker colors wake up once treated with Hemp Oil.

Tough Coat was placed on top of Mora.

And two ladies used Furniture Wax topped with Antiquing Wax.  A third used White Wax over Trophy.

Ribbons and wreaths were tied on and the plexiglass panes were cleaned and put back in place.

Each woman made her project in her own special way.  Some did not prefer using the wooden words while others did not wish to put a wreath on.  Each window project was different and unique to each participant.

Trophy with Furniture Wax and White Wax.

Lucketts Green with Furniture Wax and Antiquing Wax.

Arabesque with Furniture Wax and Antiquing Wax

Artissimo with Hemp Oil.

We had a wonderful time and I was happy for the opportunity to share my love for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.  If you would like to join me for a workshop, you can see what’s coming up on my schedule of events.  I’d love to see you at Morgantown Market with a paintbrush in your hand soon!


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