My First IOD Transfer

Nov 20, 2018 | General Finishes, General Finishes Milk Paint | 3 comments

My time in the workshop has been tighter than normal. It’s a super busy season right now with Holiday Open Houses, Best Kept Secret Tours, keeping both of my spaces full and stocked with Christmas goodies and working between Homestead Studios and Morgantown Market. As a result, my makeovers are coming your way in chopped up segments and tidbits of steps.

Here’s the progress on my walnut dresser.

I shared how I prepped cleaned it here. I decided to mix three different colors from the General Finishes Milk Paint line together to create a custom and lovely Cornflower Blue.

I mixed up Coastal Blue, Persian Blue and Driftwood but I couldn’t tell you the ratios I used. I added them all together in a spaghetti sauce jar and mixed until I liked the color. 

The color is pretty enough, but this dresser has a very boxy shape to it and I wanted to add some pizzaz. Some of my fellow furniture people that I follow on Instagram have shared such beautiful pieces that were accented with Iron Orchid Decor Transfers.

Like this one from The Farm Gypsy:

And this one by Simply Chic Home Accents:

I thought these flower motifs were the prettiest things, so I hopped onto Iron Orchid’s website and ordered two sets of their Wildflower Botanical pattern fromKim’s Kottage in Kansas.

I thought the color of these flowers would look beautiful up against the Cornflower Blue custom color.

I started the application process by laying the dresser down flat.

Then I cut out the flowers so I could place them individually on the dresser.

I placed the taller flowers in the back and the shorter ones in the front.

To begin, I separated one flower transfer from the white backing and carefully placed it in the exact spot where I wanted it to go. Then I used blue painter’s tape to keep it from shifting.

Using the plastic tool that was provided with my transfer, I began rubbing it back and forth over the design until it became transparent and adhered to the dresser.

Each flower took about 20 minutes or so to apply. I went really slow because this was my first time doing a transfer and I didn’t want to rip them or rush. This particular design wasn’t cheap ($30) so I didn’t want to ruin it because I was too hasty.

Things are looking REALLY pretty so far! I have two more flowers to rub on and then I plan on doing some distressing and glazing. Stay tuned for more details as I have more time to work!

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