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Jul 27, 2018 | Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint, Tough Coat | 0 comments

People often ask me where I get my pieces from.  One of my favorite sources is actually one of my retail locations – Morgantown Market!  Several of my fellow merchants there have pieces either in their booths or in their personal stash that they are looking to offload.  This oval coffee table had been in the booth of one of my friends there, and she was eager to move it out to make room for new pieces.

It’s been patiently sitting in my workshop waiting for its makeover.  I put it out in the driveway during my Pop Up Shop back in June, but it didn’t find a new owner at that event.

Now that I’m in full furniture painting mode, I commissioned my Mom to help me work on it.  My primary focus is getting pieces ready to fill my room on the second floor of Homestead Studios’ 1835 farmhouse location in Parkesburg.

The soft opening is August 4th, and Marc and I are planning on taking a Marshmallow load of furniture over on Sunday to start setting up.  I’m eager to get my pile of finished pieces moved out of the house too.  It’s getting a bit cramped in here!

Because the oval coffee table had such a red/orange original finish, I advised that Mom go with a mid-tone or dark color.  We landed on a combination of Trophy and Grain Sack (about equal parts) by Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.

I thought the piece would look best with a full-coverage look, so Mom scuffed it really well and squirted in Bonding Agent into each batch of MMS Milk Paint she mixed up.

Mom sealed the table with Tough Coat, which is a water based poly in the MMS Milk Paint collection.

It’s non yellowing and provides extra durability against general wear and tear, water damage and food stains. It’s my go-to finish on pieces that will experience high traffic like coffee table tops, seating/chairs, doors and floors.  You can read more about Tough Coat here.

Mom applied the Tough Coat with one of my favorite paintbrushes, a Cling On! F30.

This flat shaped brush has the softest bristles and I absolutely love using it to apply Tough Coat, MMS Milk Paint, General Finishes Milk Paint and their High Performance Topcoat.  I sell all different sizes and shapes of Cling On! brushes in my booth at Morgantown Market.  They’re affordable, durable and easy to clean.  I only sell products that I use and love, so I hope you fall in love with these brushes like I have.\

At any rate, I gave the table a quick staging this morning.  Mom did a great job, wouldn’t you say?

As you can see, this coffee table is a shorty!  It’s meant to sit close to the ground, at the perfect height for sitting cups of tea or coffee down during a conversation with a good friend.

It has two lovely turned supports underneath.

And a rim around the two ends.

The piece came with 3 of the 4 original toe caps, so I removed them all for a consistent look all the way around. 

I flanked the table with two of my cherry wood balloon backed chairs.  I have a set of four that I upholstered a few months ago.  They’re coming with me to Homestead Studios this weekend if you’d like to give them a sit!

I’m so happy that this little guy’s moment in the spotlight has finally come, and even more grateful for the sets of helping hands that are making all of these new opportunities possible.

Welcome to my happy place!
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