Painting Furniture White – Part 2

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Once you have prepared your project for a white paint finish, it’s time for the fun part – painting! My absolute favorite product to use when I’m painting with white is General Finishes Brushable White Enamel. It’s the answer to all of my white paint woe’s, and I’m sure it will ease yours as well!

General Finishes Brushable White Enamel in Satin

What is General Finishes Brushable White Enamel?

Before we dive into this question, you can catch up on part 1 of this series here. This post provides the foundation you’ll need.

So what is this magical white paint product? Here’s a brief overview. We’ll go into these details below.

2 in 1 Paint and Topcoat System

Brushable White Enamel is a water-based wood enamel. It’s incredibly durable and can hold up to heavy daily use. This makes it ideal for painting cabinetry, trim and furniture. This is the paint product that I recommend to all of my customers who want to refinish their kitchen cabinets – it’s THAT durable!

It acts like a 2 in 1 paint and topcoat system. This basically means you don’t have to apply a topcoat over it when you’re finished – it’s built in! (I’ll explain why that’s important soon.)

It’s Perfect If You Don’t Have a Paint Sprayer

It’s called BRUSHABLE White Enamel because it’s designed for those who do not spray paint with a HVLP sprayer. It lays down quickly and is self-leveling, which minimizes brushstrokes. (Yay!) The formula is a bit thicker than General Finishes Milk Paint, so keep that in mind when you’re using it.

Now if you’re someone who does spray furniture, you should check out General Finishes Enduro White Poly.

I don’t carry the Enduro line of products, because it’s more suited to contractors and cabinet makers. I stock products that are more suited to the average DIY’er and furniture painter. If you’re interested in this sprayable option, check out retailers who carry the Enduro line on General Finishes Retailer Locator Map.

Brushable White Enamel is Tintable!

While the base color of Brushable White Enamel is bright white, it can be tinted to any light shade of paint, regardless of the brand. Do you like the color of Benjamin Moore’s White Dove? You can get it in a Brushable White Enamel base! All you need is the color formula of your desired shade, and it can be mixed in no time!

Custom tinted colors are only available in gallons, so it’s ideal for kitchen cabinet jobs and large-scale furniture jobs (like a bedroom suite).

It Comes in Varying Sheens

Whether you want a Flat, Satin or Semi Gloss sheen, Brushable White Enamel has you covered! The Flat sheen was recently released, meeting the market demand for a low luster finish.

Brushable White Enamel Flat Quart General Finishes

So if you’re not keen on a shiny finish, the Flat option will be perfect! That’s one of the things I really like about General Finishes – they listen to what consumers want and produce accordingly.

Why is the Built In Topcoat So Important?

Do you remember when I explained how water-based topcoats (like polyurethane) can yellow over white paint? Brushable White Enamel completely eliminates that pesky problem because a topcoat does not need to be applied. It’s built-in and develops as the product dries. This means you don’t have to worry about yellowing!

It also eliminates the extra step of having to apply a topcoat, saving you time on your project. With every layer you apply, you’re laying a durable topcoat down at the same time.

Inspirational Projects

I’ve used this enamel on a handful of pieces in the past. It’s a relatively new product, so I’m slowly adding more white pieces to my portfolio.

This gorgeous oak dresser was refinished in Brushable White Enamel in a Satin finish.

This is how that dresser started:

Antique Eastlake Oak Dresser

To achieve a bright white finish, I used proper prep work, Stain Blocker Primer and Brushable White Enamel. This tried-and-true combination is my secret sauce for achieving a bright white finish that will last. I don’t have to worry about yellowing and ambering, and I know the finish I create will be durable!

white dresser, general finishes, farmhouse, oak dresser, antique dresser, white paint

These nightstands were painted with Brushable White Enamel tinted to General Finishes Antique White. This off-white shade was glazed with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects for a gorgeous finish.

Nightstands painted in Brushable White Enamel tinted to Antique White, Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects, General Finishes, Satin, High Performance Topcoat, Eight Hundred Furniture, Antique Walnut
Nightstands painted in Brushable White Enamel tinted to Antique White, Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects, General Finishes, Satin, High Performance Topcoat, Eight Hundred Furniture, Antique Walnut

At the time I’m writing this blog post, I’m working on an antique oak buffet for our kitchen.

Oak Buffet

To hide that strong oak wood grain, lock in potential bleed-through and create a non-yellowing white finish, I’m using my magic combination of Stain Blocker and Brushable White Enamel! I’ll share how this piece turned out in a separate post, so stay tuned!

Stain Blocker and Brushable White Enamel – The Perfect Combination

So there you have it, fellow painters. By combining the power of Stain Blocker primer and the durability of Brushable White Enamel, you can create the perfect white paint finish.

You can purchase Stain Blocker and Brushable White Enamel from me in my online shop or in person at Morgantown Market. Gallons of these products can be special ordered and take 3-5 business days to arrive in my inventory. Custom tinted gallons require the paint formula of your desired shade.

Share your white paint projects with me on Facebook and Instagram. I’d love to see what you create!

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