This cute square table caught my eye immediately when I saw it on my last antiquing trip.

It had quite a few things on top of it, so it was a bit hard to spy at first.  Once I found it though, those spindle legs won me over immediately.  When I checked the price, it was reasonable and the vendor I bought it from had an added sale going on.  I quickly put it at the front of the store and added it to my growing pile of treasures.

This table had a very glossy finish on it.  There were several layers of thick poly, and I needed to do a bit of prep work before I painted on Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.

I’ve been experimenting with paint deglosser on some of furniture projects.  It’s essentially a liquid sander that you rub all over glossy surfaces.  It’s formulated to knock down the shine and leave you with a surface that can accept fresh paint.

I applied this product to my spindle leg table, but I wasn’t 100% confident that the shine was at the point where Milk Paint would adhere.  I wasn’t willing to take a risk on this table so I played it safe and did what I know works best – I scuffed it by hand.

Using 120 grit sandpaper, I did a quick once-over and got the surface to the point that I prefer for Milk Paint.  After a quick dusting, I began to apply Farmhouse White Milk Paint.

I thought the original finish on the piece was too dark and I wanted to lighten it up.  Plus, by painting this piece white, I increased the odds that it will match the existing decor in the homes of potential buyers.

The original knob actually fell off during the scuffing process, so I painted this piece sans-knob and decided I would find a replacement later in my hardware stash.

The piece required four coats of Farmhouse White to get the coverage I was looking for.  Painting with white is not my favorite thing because it’s a difficult color to work with.  I find that it takes upwards of 3 or 4 coats to get the coverage I want and you have to be really gentle with your piece while you’re working on it.  Any bump or scuff mark will show before you have a chance to get a finish on it, so it’s extra vulnerable while you’re moving it around.  I painted this piece on the porch at Painted Table Designs, but I didn’t have a chance to finish it the same day.  I had to pack it up carefully in The Marshmallow, but still wound up getting marks on it.  I covered them up with some spot touches of paint, but the process was quite frustrating.

While I don’t enjoy painting with white, I have to admit that it looks beautiful once it’s on your piece.  I distressed the table and applied a layer of Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax all over it.

While I am a Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint retailer, I fell in love with this product long before I ever started selling it.  It’s buttery soft and it goes on like a dream.  If you have ever had trouble waxing furniture, then you will love this product!  It’s literally everything you hoped Furniture Wax would be – easy to apply, non-smelly, soft, creamy, and durable. 

Once my layer of Furniture Wax was applied, I mixed 75% White Wax with 25% Antiquing Wax on an ironstone dish to make a custom colored wax.

The color I mixed was a mushroom tone, and it softened and toned down the bright white of the table.  I rubbed it all over and took off the excess with a soft cloth until I liked the look.  If you’re hesitant to add Antiquing Wax to a piece because the pigment is so intense, consider mixing it with a bit of White Wax to tone it down, or apply both to add depth and dimension!

After some quick staging, my table was complete.

I love how my bespoke wax settled into the nooks and crannies of the table to show its age and character.

Isn’t that finish just yummy?

The original knob was replaced with an oil rubbed bronze knob that has a subtle ivy pattern.

I didn’t distress the legs because I wanted to keep their shape simple and non-distracting.

I put an ironstone milk pitcher on top with some wheat stalks to add height.

This little table could be used as a side table next to your couch, in your bedroom as an end table, in a powder room to hold towels, or just inside your entranceway to catch keys and cell phones.  It’s compact, so if you don’t have a lot of space, it’s the perfect piece for you!

This piece will be making its way to Painted Table Designs in Elverson soon.  It will be available for $80 if you’re interested!  If you’d like to replicate this look on a piece in your home, you can shop for Farmhouse White Milk Paint, Furniture Wax, Antiquing Wax, and White Wax while you’re there.  Not local to Elverson?  Shop for all MMS Milk Paint products at your closest retailer or online!

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