Trophy Corner Cupboard

Mar 21, 2017 | Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint | 0 comments

You really can’t go wrong whenever you paint a piece of furniture gray.  Whether it’s a whisper of a gray, a soft and smoky blue/gray, or a handsome slate gray, it’s a color that goes with just about everything.

There are actually 3 grays in the MMSMP line – Shutter Gray, Trophy, and Schloss.  You can read more about them on my post I wrote for the MMS Milk Paint bloghere.  Trophy is a gorgeous true gray that gets its inspiration from the patina you would find on an antique trophy.

I recently got a solid and rather large corner cupboard from a furniture store near me.  I was looking for a new cupboard to take to Morgantown Market since my yellow cupboard sold the minute I posted it on Instagram.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining!  I was so thankful that this piece sold and best of all, it went to a friend in the business!  Tiffany of Blue Dandelion had been searching for a cupboard for her husband to use for his clothes, so when she saw mine, she scooped it up!  While it freed up a huge space in the apartment, it left me without a new piece of furniture to take to Morgantown Market.

The corner cupboard I picked up was raw wood that had been stained but not sealed.  It was a breeze to paint.  Milk Paint really shines on raw wood and I didn’t need any bonding agent.  I painted the inside with Farmhouse White and the exterior in Trophy.

Finding an open corner in the apartment wasn’t easy.  Actually, there was only one available and unfortunately, it’s right next to the kitchen.  (Please pardon any glimpses of our cabinets.)

I picked this cupboard for a few reasons.  The first was storage.  It has a bottom compartment with two shelves.  The top has three shelves and comes with an adorable window door so you can see what’s inside.

There are worm holes throughout the pine planks that were used, which adds a rustic quality.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about them at first, but once I distressed the Trophy Milk Paint back, it all came together. 

I also love the little porcelain knobs that came with it.  They really pop now up against the Trophy gray. 

This piece would look fabulous in a dining room packed with ironstone, or even in a family room holding treasured books or photos.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get it to Morgantown Market before it’s sold this time!


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