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Apr 5, 2018 | Hemp Oil | 0 comments

It’s really nice to have a simple furniture makeover every now and then.  Some pieces require so much work and TLC that an easy piece is a total breath of fresh air.  It was time for me to whip out an easy project with the help of my Mom, so let me present my latest piece.

This sweet little typewriter table hardly needed anything done to it aside from a good spruce.  When I saw it at Antiques at Silver Bell Farm, it was really dried out and dirty.  The top also had some lingering strips of old veneer on it.  I scooped it up and brought it home because I saw lots of potential.

I started by removing the wood top via the screws underneath.  The lingering strips of veneer were removed carefully using a heat gun and a putty knife.  I sanded it down gently with 150 grit using my orbital sander and wiped it clean with an oil free tack cloth.  After an application of Hemp Oil, the top was looking amazing.

There are some parts that are a bit discolored, but I think they add to the character and charm of the piece.  The worm holes are amazing too!

After the wood top was finished, I had my Mom rub the base down with Hemp Oil.  Not only did this shine up the metal, it also cleaned it too!

Mom also shot some WD40 on the four chunky casters.

There’s also a bottom shelf which got the same Hemp Oil treatment as the rest of the table.

All in all, it took about an hour to get this piece looking alive again.  That’s fantastic turnaround time!

This little table is a great height for doing laptop work or having by the sofa to hold drinks and such.  It can also function as an industrial nightstand, depending on your needs.

This piece will be coming with me to the Spring Barn Market at Pheasant Run Antiques and Homestead Studios on April 28th from 10-5.  It will be available for $78 and it measures 17.5″ wide,  14″ deep and 25.5″ tall.

I hope you’ll be able to swing by for this event!  I’m getting super excited to put my first outdoor tent space together.  In addition to selling my furniture pieces, I’ll be bringing Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint with me and I’ll also be doing a free demonstration.  There will be other vendors there to shop from and you can also enjoy the vendors inside of Pheasant Run Antiques too!  There is a crazy awesome salvage area upstairs so if you’re into picking, this place is for you!

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