Whitewashed Oak Dresser

Apr 11, 2018 | Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint | 3 comments

This makeover is one that happened months ago.  Similar to my bespoke green French provincial dresser, I gave this piece a quick makeover and never did a formal photo shoot with beauty shots.  It hasn’t found its forever home quite yet, so I’ll be bringing it to the Spring Barn Market at Pheasant Run on April 28th.  Perhaps some pretty photos will help it find its way into its new home soon!

I found this oak dresser when I ventured out to an antique shop that was recommended to me by Stacey, the owner of Morgantown Market.  When my Mom and I took a drive out to visit, I practically drooled at all the pretty furniture.  This particular dresser was buried underneath piles of stuff and the dealer had to help me pry it out.

Once I got it home, I thought it was pretty just the way it was.  All it needed was a little bit of Miss Mustard Seed’s White Wax to lighten it up and draw the eye to its beautiful grain.

What’s nice is that using White Wax gives you a fabulous limed look and it seals at the same time!  It’s so soft and incredibly malleable.  If you’ve ever struggled with waxes in the past, you really should try Miss Mustard Seed’s waxes.  They are very soft and spreadable.  I describe them as “everything you hoped wax would be.”

What sold me on this dresser was its height.  Usually, a piece like this would come up to below your waist, but because it’s up on lovely skinny legs (with casters), it’s at a more reasonable height!

I kept the staging on this piece light and airy.

I picked up this lovely faux assortment of greenery at Painted Table Designs.  The colors in this arrangement are soft and relaxing, don’t you think?

I got the ironstone dish from Morgantown Market.  It didn’t come with a lid, but you could use it in tons of ways without one!  It’s also coming with me to the Spring Barn Market.

I don’t quite remember where I got this fabulous pitcher, but the butter pats are from Morgantown Market too.

Isn’t that blue pattern just dreamy?

I’m trying to wrap up my remaining projects quickly so Marc and I can do a dry run before the Barn Market.  I’ve got a handful left, so I’m kind of approaching crunch time, even though it’s April 10th.  I also plan on emptying my booth at Morgantown Market a few days before the event, which will help add volume and get fresh new eyes on the pieces from my booth space.  To be honest, I didn’t even know this was an option until my buddy, Cricket mentioned it!  It will save me tons of time too, so I’m uber thankful for the advice.

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