Coastal Blue Hutch Cabinet

Aug 26, 2018 | General Finishes, General Finishes Milk Paint, Hemp Oil | 1 comment

I’ve had a few mahogany pieces queued up that required a darker paint color to avoid bleed through. General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint is my go-to paint choice when I have a piece that needs high coverage. I’ve used it on my last couple of projects and it was the perfect choice on this hutch cabinet.

It was in pretty good shape when it came to me. There were a few patches that needed to be smoothed out with sandpaper but for the most part, all it needed was a coat of paint, some sprucing on the interior and a bit of metallic wax on the hardware.

Let’s start with the interior.

To spruce it up, I applied Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil and shined up the wood. As I rubbed the excess away, the natural luster of the shelves perked up beautifully.

For the body, I took the hutch apart and painted on two coats of Coastal Blue Milk Paint. I painted the doors separately from the body as well as the doors. To add some interest, I used a medium grit sandpaper to distress the edges and then sealed it with High Performance Topcoat in Flat.

It gives the piece a rustic feel and knocks the formal feeling down a bit.

To shine up the hardware, I used a product called Rub ‘N Buff.

It’s a metallic wax that can be applied on most surfaces like metal, wood, glass and plastic. I bought a 6 color sampler from Amazon and picked the Antique Gold color to shine up the hardware.

You can’t ever go wrong with navy and gold or brass hardware!

This hutch is available in my room at Homestead Studios in Parkesburg. Marc and I delivered it this morning because my record cabinet sold already! (Funny story about that – it sold to the friend that I bought it from originally! She saw it when it was finished and loved it so much that she wanted to buy it back.) The hutch is $485 plus tax and it measures 35.5″ wide, 69″ tall and 18″ deep. Homestead Studios is located at 4201 W Lincoln Hwy, Parkesburg, PA. Come by and visit in person or give them a call at 484-712-5087.


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