Collaborations and a Bergere Obsession

Apr 17, 2017 | Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint | 0 comments

This weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Blue Dandelion by Tiffany in Strasburg.

If you’ve never come to visit, you definitely should because Tiffany St. John’s store is absolutely gorgeous. Not only does she have an amazing sense of style and a beautiful eye for staging, but she’s also a fellow MMS Milk Paint retailer! We got our heads together and joined forces to do a live Milk Paint demonstration right in front of her display.

While her customers were shopping, I painted up a piece in real time. Everyone had the chance to watch Milk Paint in action and ask questions as they came up. It was a total blast!

My makeover piece was Marc’s old nightstand. I bought it just over a year ago and it was too wide for the space next to our bed. I decided to paint it with my latest color obsession, Bergere.

I’ve painted a few pieces in this color and every single one received “ooh’s” and “aah’s” because it truly is gorgeous.  I used it on this depression dresser,

and on this chippy hutch cabinet,

and now it’s happily adorning this little nightstand.

While I was working on the interior, I found this coin.  I Googled the writing and it turns out that it’s Hungarian!  I’ve found some cool things inside of furniture before, but this is my first Hungarian artifact.

1983…just before I was born!

I really enjoy how Bergere looks when paired with dark wood.  I took these wooden spools and popped two candlesticks inside and positioned them in on either side of one of my cotton wreaths.  To add some interest, I hung it on a diagonal so it looks like a diamond instead of a square.

The drawer on this piece has beautiful dovetails.

I used Hemp Oil all over this piece, including the inside.  The wood shined up beautifully and is all hydrated now.

The latch on the doors is absolutely charming.  I’m a sucker for latches.

The panels on the doors can come off.  I had contemplated swapping them out for chicken wire, but in the end, I figured this piece might best be used for hideaway storage.

Staging this piece wasn’t too difficult.  Timing my photos was a bit tricky though.

So how would you use this piece?  Nightstand?  End table?  TV console?  Entrance table?

Welcome to my happy place!
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