Finishing An Antique Washstand In Layla’s Mint Milk Paint

I’m nearing the end of work on this sweet antique washstand using Layla’s Mint by Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.

When I last blogged about its status, I had one coat of Layla’s Mint Milk Paint applied and had sanded down the top for stain.

The washstand is nearing the finish line, so let’s catch up on the work I’ve been doing in the workshop!

Applying Three Coats of Layla’s Mint Milk Paint

Layla’s Mint is a lovely shade of mint green in the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line.

Laylas Mint Collage

Because it’s such a light shade of green, my washstand required three coats to get full opaque coverage.

Sometimes that will happen every and now with one of my furniture projects. Two coats doesn’t quite seem to give me the coverage I want, so I’ll need a third.

Distressing The Edges

Because this washstand is being refinished for a client, I inquired with her and asked how she wanted it to be distressed. Her response? A little around the edges.

Using 120 grit sandpaper, I gently rubbed away the Layla’s Mint Milk Paint from all of the edges on the piece.

The effect is subtle and it give the piece a feeling of age without being too over-the-top.

Sealing With Beeswax

Once the washstand was smooth sanded and distressed, I sealed the Layla’s Mint Milk Paint with Miss Mustard Seed’s Beeswax Finish.

Beeswax with wax brush

This finish is just a hair stiffer than clear Furniture Wax. It’s food-safe, making it a good finish to use on piece like breadboards, rolling pins, etc.

Using a Wax Brush, I applied the Beeswax Finish all over the bottom of the washstand. It was buffed with a lint-free cloth to a buttery soft state and allowed to dry overnight.

Staining The Top in Graystone Water Based Wood Stain

During the prep stage, top of the washstand was sanded down to the bare wood.

My client chose General Finishes Graystone Water Based Wood Stain as the new color for the top.

It went on beautifully and played well with the soft mint green paint below.

To protect and seal the stain, two coats of General Finishes High Performance Topcoat in Flat were applied.

Using Hemp Oil On The Interior

The interior of the washstand was very dry. The piece dates back to between 1870 and 1900 (based upon the dowel joinery), so it’s no wonder the wood was in need of hydration!

Using Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil, I treated the interior of the cabinet and the entire top drawer to a liquid gold bath!

The wood was so dry that the Hemp Oil was absorbed faster than I could wipe the excess away. That’s how you know the wood was REALLY thirsty!

I’ll be staging and photographing this piece today. Right now, there’s a hurricane making its way up the East Coat of the United States, so it’s a perfect day for indoor work…just as long as we don’t lose power!

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