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Some of my favorite colors to paint with are in the green family of the Miss Mustard Seed’s Paint line.  They also have some of the sweetest names too!  Let’s start with the rich grassy green of Boxwood.

Boxwood was derived from the gorgeous green color of preserved Boxwood wreaths.  I carry Boxwoods in my space at Morgantown Market in various sizes.  They make a fabulous addition to any space and are extremely easy to maintain.  Just a spritz of water once a month and they’re good to go!

This full boxwood wreath gave my antique mantle a fun pop of color.

They’re easy to hang over a mirror too!

I like to change it up with square wreaths as well.

The wreaths with ribbons are fun to hang off of cabinet doors.

This piece was one of my very firsts and I chose Boxwood for its transformation.

This cherry drop leaf table is still in my stash of “to-do” projects because it chipped horribly, but it started off in Boxwood!

The next green in the line is a fabulous vintage shade called Lucketts Green

Lucketts Green gets its name from the green siding on The Old Lucketts Store in Lucketts, Virginia.  Marian was a vendor there for a few years and this green is a perfect vintage shade.

Lucketts Green is more of a Spring green than Boxwood.

I painted this vintage cabinet in Lucketts Green, and it’s available for purchase at Rooted.

As you can see, Lucketts Green pairs well with Farmhouse White.

It’s such a fun color to mix because the powder is yellow and it doesn’t turn green until water hits it!

The final green in the line is one of the shades in the European Collection, Layla’s Mint.

Layla’s Mint got it’s name for Layla of The Lettered Cottage.  It soft and rather delicious, don’t you think?  Here is the dresser that Marian painted in this light and airy green.

In addition to the true greens, there is a fabulous shade of aqua called Eulalie’s Sky that you HAVE to try.  Eulalie is the name of a cow in a painting done by Cindy Austin.  Marian has Eulalie in her home and the color of the sky behind the cow is the inspiration for Eulalie’s Sky.

Eulalie’s Sky really pops against Linen and Farmhouse White.

This sweet little washstand was painted in Eulalie’s Sky with Linen details and it sold almost immediately when I brought it to Morgantown Market.

Marian just painted a cupboard with Eulalie’s Sky not too long ago.  Isn’t it the prettiest color?

Kitchen Scale is the deep teal in the line.  It’s named for an antique scale that Marian had in her kitchen.

Kitchen Scale can be lightened to a robin’s egg blue by mixing it with Farmhouse White.

If green is your thing, there are lots of options for you to choose from!  As always, you can shop for shades of green and all 24 beautiful colors of MMS Milk Paint in my booth downstairs at Morgantown Market!


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