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I’m continuing my blog series on the stories behind the names of the colors in theMiss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line.  There are quite a few options of white to choose from, so I thought I would break down their subtleties for you in addition to sharing the meaning behind their names.  White is clean, fresh, crisp, and just the ticket if you can’t decide which color to choose for your piece.  It can be used to lighten darker colors and is an essential shade to have in your repertoire!

For the month of February, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk paint is featuring the most popular white and the best selling color by far, Farmhouse White.  So, we’ll start there for our tour of whites.

Farmhouse White offers the best coverage of all of the whites in the MMSMP line.  Up until Outback Petticoat was launched, it was the newest MMSMP color.  If you compare Farmhouse White to the rest of the whites, it’s the perfect shade – not too cool and not too warm.  It’s fresh, clean, and pairs with just about every other color in the line – even another white!  Pairing Farmhouse White with Linen or Grain Sack offers a subtle contrast.

Speaking of Grain Sack and Linen, they get their names from the textiles they were created to emulate.  Linen is a beautiful cream color with warm yellow undertones. 

Marian was inspired by the creamy color of antique linens that she uses to reupholster chairs when she created this color.

If you want a warmer white in your decor, then Linen is for you!

Grain Sack gets its name from faded antique grain sacks.  It leans more gray and has a gorgeous faded quality to it.

Grain Sack is a chameleon color.  It can lean more gray or blue depending on what’s around it and the lighting of your space.

Ironstone derives its named after the earthenware that Marian loves to collect.

Until Farmhouse White was created, Ironstone was the pure white in the line.  It’s still an excellent color to use if you want a true white.

Ironstone is a fabulous color to use if you want to lighten darker colors like Artissimo or Boxwood.  It’s an excellent choice to use inside of display cabinets and cupboards too!

The last white in the line isn’t on the collage of whites.  It’s part of the European collection and is a delicious almond color called Marzipan.

The dresser in the photo above was painted by Marian to showcase Marzipan when she first introduced it.  The trim was painted in Ironstone, so you can see how warm Marzipan is compared to Ironstone.

Here are all of the whites together on the MMSMP color chart so you can see how they all compare at once.  As you can see, Marzipan is clearly the warmest color in the line, and then Linen.  You can also see the gray undertones of Grain Sack as compared to Ironstone and Farmhouse White.

Here are some pieces that I have painted in these shades to inspire you!  This sweet table was painted in Grain Sack.  I staged it as a work desk,

and a table for two.

I loved how this piece distressed.

The Milk Paint crackled all on its own, and it sold almost immediately when I brought it to Consign-It Furniture.

The inside of this Lucketts Green cupboard was painted in Farmhouse White.

Even my white ironstone pieces popped against this background color.

This cupboard is currently for sale at Rooted in New London.

This sweet trunk was painted in Marzipan and is available for purchase at Consign-It Furniture in Kennett Square.

I painted this washstand in Linen because I wanted a creamy color to compliment the antique sheet music on the fronts of the drawers.  This was another piece that sold almost immediately when I brought it to Rooted.

Again, Milk Paint did it’s beautiful thing without any assistance on my part.  This is exactly why I love using this product!

That wraps up the whites in the MMSMP family.  Which one are you going to try first?  You can shop for all of these gorgeous shades of white, and all of the MMSMP colors in my booth downstairs at Morgantown Market.


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