Updating Builder-Grade Mirrors With MirrorMate® Frames – Part 1

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Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by MirrorMate®. All opinions and thoughts are my own and based upon my personal experience. You can read more about my disclosure policy here.

It has been almost a year since Marc and I bought our first home back in August 2020.

Our new home

Our townhome was built in 2003 and has a lot of original builder-grade elements. I’m talking about honey oak EVERYTHING (railings and spindles, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities), laminate countertops, original windows, etc.

We’re slowly deciding which elements we’re going to leave alone, and which we’d like to upgrade. The kitchen cabinets and staircase are going to be left alone. Those projects are way too much effort and aren’t really necessary.

Bathroom Updates

The bathrooms are rooms where we plan on doing some reasonable updates. Here’s what the guest and master bathrooms looked like when we moved in:

Hall/Guest Bathroom Then
Master Bathroom Then

The very first change we made in these bathrooms was the color of the walls. While it looked okay in the photos, it read blushy, pinky, beigey in reality – definitely NOT my favorite color!

We opted for a soothing chameleon of a color that was in the in-law suite where we had been living – Silver Ash by Behr. It changes color depending on the light that’s hitting it. In our bathroom, it reads as a soft green/blue/gray.

Master bathroom, Eight Hundred Furniture
Master Bathroom Now

Here’s the color chip for comparison:

Silver Ash by Behr
Silver Ash by Behr

That quick paint job made each bathroom seem MUCH lighter and brighter.

Master Bathroom, Eight Hundred Furniture

In a few years, we’ll rip out the master bathroom tub, and extend the master shower, update the floors in both bathrooms and get new vanities.

For now, we’re going with simple and easy updates. After all, it will only be 1 year since we moved in this August. We have to pace ourselves!

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Each bathroom vanity has a massive glass mirror above it held in place by 2 metal clips.

Master Bathroom Mirror, Eight Hundred Furniture

I actually like how big the mirrors are, and don’t want to replace them with two smaller single mirrors. Plus, the mirrors would be tough to remove because they’re glued onto the wall with construction adhesive. I’m not ready to repair drywall and we already painted our bathrooms. I really don’t want to go back to redo the walls.

I happened to be scrolling through Instagram one day, and came across a company called MirrorMate® Frames. They create custom-sized frames that fit right over your existing mirrors (clips and all). It takes them from boring and builder-grade to beautiful and bespoke!

MirrorMate® samples, Eight Hundred Furniture

Because they are such a great company to work with, and their product is fantastic, I wanted to share my experience with you. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to give MirrorMate® a try too!

Choosing a Frame

There are lots of styles for you to choose from on MirrorMate®’s website. You can order samples of those you like to see which style and color fit with your existing decor.

Their Cherokee Rustic collection had my name written all over it! The samples that I tried were Barnwood, Weathered Grey, French White Oak and Old Vermont Grey.

MirrorMate® samples, Eight Hundred Furniture
Barnwood (Top Left) – Old Vermont Grey (Top Right)
French White Oak (Bottom Left) – Weathered Grey (Bottom Right)

They were all beautiful options, and in the end, the Weathered Grey was the most complimentary to our wall color (Silver Ash by Behr).

Measuring and Ordering Your MirrorMate® Frame

Once Marc gave me the thumb’s up on the Weathered Gray frame, I needed to measure our mirror. MirrorMate® gives you a super handy worksheet to help with this step.

MirrorMate® samples, Eight Hundred Furniture

For those visual learners, they provide a video tutorial as well.

Once you have your measurements, you can hop onto their website and plug everything in!

MirrorMate® samples, Eight Hundred Furniture

Receiving Our MirrorMate® Frame

Once my order was in, my frame began to be assembled by MirrorMates® awesome team.

MirrorMate Warehouse Staff

It arrived via FedEx 7 business days later, which is a pretty quick turnaround given the shipping delays that are still lingering due to COVID! It was packaged very carefully and came with assembly instructions and all of the materials we’d need to put it together.

Marc and I are both playing catch-up after being in Virginia last weekend for a wedding. We plan on installing our MirrorMate® frame this weekend, and can’t wait to show you the final result!

MirrorMate® samples, Eight Hundred Furniture

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