Upgrading Builder-Grade Mirrors with MirrorMate® Frames – Part 2

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MirrorMate® Frames. I was sent a frame for our master bathroom in exchange for a post here on my blog. Marc and I absolutely love the results, and I truly think this is a cost-effective option for those of you who have builder-grade mirrors in your home!

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Installing Our New Weathered Grey Frame From MirrorMate®

This weekend, Marc and I teamed up to assemble and install our new frame for our master bathroom mirror from MirrorMate®. The process was very easy, and in about an hour (including dry time), our master bathroom mirror was looking quite stylish!

If you missed Part 1 of this 2 part series, catch up here!

Assembling Our MirrorMate® Frame

Our frame came in a carefully packaged, slender and quite tall cardboard box. We decided to work on our kitchen floor, because it’s the largest hard and flat surface we have in our home. After laying everything out, and assembling our supplies, we read through the directions.

Mirror Mate Install

The first step was to lay out all 4 sides of the frame, and color the outside edges with a matching marker. We picked a silver sharpie to go with our Weathered Grey pattern.

Mirror Mate, Weathered Grey, Cherokee, Eight Hundred Furniture

This is a precautionary measure just in case any of the wood material underneath peeks through.

Once everything was “sharpied”, we began to assemble the frame one corner at a time.

First, we squirted some of the included wood glue on one corner of the frame. (I thought including wood glue with the kit was so convenient!)

Mirror Mate, Weathered Grey, Cherokee, Eight Hundred Furniture

Then, we smoothed it out with our fingers, being careful not to dribble any glue onto the “good” side. Marc was much more patient with this step than I was!

Mirror Mate, Weathered Grey, Cherokee, Eight Hundred Furniture

Once the glue was spread out, we gently scooted two corners together and locked them in place with these little hour glass shaped connectors.

Mirror Mate, Weathered Grey, Cherokee, Eight Hundred Furniture

This process was repeated one corner at a time until everything was glued and connected.

Mirror Mate, Weathered Grey, Cherokee, Eight Hundred Furniture

Once our frame was assembled, we let it dry for about 45 minutes. The instructions recommend 30 minutes to 1 hour. While it was drying, Marc and I made ourselves a very “adult” lunch of PB&J!

Installing our MirrorMate® Frame

Because the installation process required two hands, I don’t have any photos of this process. The good news is that MirrorMate® has a tutorial video to show you how it’s done!

The Results

First, let me say that photographing bathroom mirrors is hard work! Between standing inside of our shower stall and ducking in the bathtub, I had my photography work cut out for me! This is the best angle I could capture:

Mirror Mate, Eight Hundred Furniture, Bathroom Mirror, Master Bathroom Mirror

Actually, if you look at most real estate photos (and even MirrorMate®’s cover photo of their video), you’ll understand why they’re usually taken on an angle!

We are SOOOOO happy with the end result! Every time we go to brush our teeth, or I wash all of the clown makeup off from a QVC airing, the frame brings a legitimate smile to our faces. Here are a few reasons why I would 100% recommend this mirror-framing method to just about anyone:

  • It doesn’t require you to remove your existing panes of glass
  • You don’t have to repair drywall or repaint your walls
  • It adds a custom touch to your otherwise builder-grade mirror
  • There are SO MANY styles and colors to choose from!
  • You can get as many samples as you wish to ensure you choose the right pattern/color
  • MirrorMate® has a quick turnaround time
  • The instructions are easy-to-follow
  • They’re durable and easy to clean/care for

I hope our experience will encourage you to consider using MirrorMate® in your home as well. I’m 99.9% sure we’re going to give our guest bathroom mirror the same exact treatment!

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